Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a web designer?

A professional web designer is someone who uses innovative thinking to solve problems via visual communication. Some people have the technical ability to set-up up a web site but they do not have the ability to make your website a useful business tool. Creative problem solving is the skill of a designer.

How do I choose a web design firm?

First, hire a designer with ethical priciples and business practices. Next, look for area of expertise and amount of experience. (Even when fixing your car, you want to know that the repair person is actually an experienced mechanic who has worked on your type of car.) Finally, review their creative approach to see if you are compatible.

What is your design process?

How much will it cost?

Your site will be custom designed. We don't charge by the page and we don't give you a generic template. Prices vary according to the complexity of your situation. Although we can't tell you exactly how much your site will cost, we do offer some guidelines. "Basic" sites are usually between $2,000 and $5,000. More involved problem solving and ecommerce sites start at $5,000. Once we know your site requirements, we can give you a firm quote. Fill out this brief questionnaire to get started.

What are your terms?

All web projects begin with a written contract, outlining what Acuity Studios will perform during the project, including important development milestones and payment terms. There is a 50% deposit upon signing the contract, 25% upon design approval and 25% before uploading website to your server.

Who will update my new website?

The continued care of you new website is important and we will discuss with you what level of involvement you want to have, from complete control of all future updates to letting Acuity Studios handle all the website maintenance. Often customers choose to make minor updates themselves but leave major site changes to us.